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0 Link Tracker
New to the list of facilities is our new Link Tracker; essentially this is a counter capable of counting how many times someone clicks a specific link on your site! This is useful for also tracking downloaded files to find out more visit the following page Link Download Tracker.

Heavy-duty cookie
We have also upgraded the cookie that is sent to your visitors on the unique counters, the present life of a cookie is 5 years ensuring that all new visitors within that period are truly unique get a new counter!

The New Free Flags Collection
Now Available At Globel Webmaster Tools!

Saturday, 28 February 2004
As promised I have now implemented time zones for all my International friends!

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You will need to create an account Here (Globel) if you want to:
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5. Add Links To: Read This First!

Sites of Interest
A. Globel other Free Simple And Fun Counter Site
B. Flag information site for schools
C. Large Images Database For Flags
D. Slimming Information Site

The course of Globel is very much governed by user and visitor feedback, if you have an opinion or would like to see something new on Globel then please mention it here, this form is anonymous and you can express if you like or do not like my work all comments are welcome good or bad, thankyou for your time!!


Important all users read this 22/07/2002
I have been visiting sites where the users have upgraded and not put the new counter code on their pages Please Read