Saturday, 28 February 2004
As promised I have now implemented time zones for all my International friends!
If you want to use this facility I have made it as straight forward as possible and also on the creation of each counter, so for each new counter you create you can have a different time zone for it, i.e. I have noticed a few companies have different websites! One with the US extension and some with the UK extensions as well, this will aid the time zones of each domain extension; this is obviosly if you want this degree of versatility! At very least it puts your statistics in line with your website or countries time zone.

Those that made new counters over the last few days will find some discrepancies in their hourly totals, this was not found until quite a few hours later when a bug was discovered, this has now been fixed and is fully operational, however as always if you have any problems please contact me.

On older accounts prior to today's date you will need to re-create your counters in order to get the time zone working for your country of origin, i.e. the servers time zone is GMT London UK, you can go plus or minus this time to get the exact time in your country in both hours and minutes, this will obviosly reflect in your statistics as in your hours of visitation! You don't need to do this if you live in the UK. I am preparing for another change in the counter to improve it's efficiency so until then watch this space ;~)

BTW. I know I have been quite for a few months but am always busy in the background "honest guv", i.e. take a look at the new globel site this is an extension to webmaster tools website and will become part of the S810 robot, more on that later but for now is a useful addition to Globel and will improve over the coming months, there is as always lot's of stuff going on in the background and with such a long way to go, best foot forward and all that ;~)


Thursday, 18 September 2003
Four New Statistics for you, I am pleased to add yet another four important statistics to your arsenal in the control panel, namely: Browsers. Platforms. Languages. And last but not least Countries, the robot will start updating these from today so some of you will not see any results appear straight away, however those of you with very active accounts will see some additions to these areas in a very short time.

I have also updated the Statistics FAQ for these pages:

The New Browser Statistic:
This gives you the actual browser specifically the visitor was using when visiting your site:

The New Platforms Statistic:
This gives you the actual operating system of the user when he/she was visiting your site, please do not confuse this with other statistic compilations, simply stating windows 98 is not necessarily the true operating system that the user was using: i.e. you can use windows 98 on other platforms like Mac PC's this is a true statistic where available of your users actual operating system itself as Win32.

The New Languages Statistic:
This also gives you the true language of your visitor when they visit your site, this is taken again from the operating system itself, so whatever language they are using on that system will be shown here:

The New Countries Statistic:
Again please do not mistake this one for other statistical compilations, usually a visitors country of origination may be taken from their ISP this is more accurate, however more often than not it is taken from a referring domain like .com for the US and. for the UK, this is not a true statistic, the most accurate statistic you can get is actually from the machine itself, this statistic is compiled this way and the actual country of origin is taken again from the visitors operating system.

I hope you are pleased with all the new statistics introduced I will be monitoring their progress over the next four weeks, if you have any problems with any of this please let me know as usual. You can see the new statistics in operation in the usual Demo Account area.


Sunday, 31 August 2003
I am pleased to introduce a few new additions to the statistics including the long awaited search keywords, initially you will notice that the "statistics ADV" has now moved into the counter statistics folder in your control panels, thought it best to keep it all in one place; as the statistics are going to expand over the coming months.

3 new additions to the statistics, The first one is the new Top 100 last referrals, this is precisely what it say's, your last 100 referrals over whatever time period with the most recent at the very top, descending down your list to the very last.

The next statistic is slightly more complex and that is the new referral domains statistics, these give you a list of domains, with the highest hitter at the very top; the domain referrals are this way so that you can see at a glance which domain overall is sending you the most hits to your web pages, again these descend from highest to the lowest hitter to your site, you can also expand on each domain that is sending you your hits with each page from that domain itself.

This also extends to the full search engine string that the visitor used when visiting your site for the first time.... including keywords , this new approach to referrals gives you extended tracking to the whole picture and I think you will agree are a very powerful addition to Globel Administrator, these new referral statistics take over from your "statistics ADV" version, your old referrals are still within "statistics ADV" now renamed to "Ye Olde Stats ADV" these will however not be updated from this point on in the referrals area, as the new referral list is far more superior, however the full page views will always be available.

Last and certainly not least are the new search engine keywords; this I have been promising for a while but was constantly getting distracted by other issues, these new search keywords will help greatly with your Meta site search adjustments to your pages, you can now optimize your site around these keywords and also see what others you can improve on to get your site ranking high in search engine criterion.

Overall I think I am pleased with the new statistics and as always there's still more to come so watch this space and enjoy the new additions, Oh Yes; all new search keywords referrals etc. will start from today, so it may take a week or two before you really see the benefit of the new referral engines, I have a few additions to make yet but after this you will be able to request a statistics rebuild which will essentially rebuild all your statistics again so that you can see all your past keywords and referrals in the new interface.

Have fun
BTW. If you want to see the new statistics in full action click demo and log on to the demo account! this was typed out fairly fast to give you this bit of news, I will be updating the FAQ on all this in the near future.

Saturday, 09 August 2003
Well the new release of the Bulk Mailer has Started and now we are back to the statistics, I have released a preliminary version of the new statistics in your control panels, this is mainly because I would appreciate your feedback on them, they have been designed to give you page views of a particular statistic, so please let me know what you think.

There is no overhead cost as in statistical views at the moment and if everything goes OK there will never be but I reserve this to see how it goes for now, over the next two to four weeks I am back concentrating on the statistical areas of your account, within this time I hope to include new additions like keywords and country locations, for now let's see how that goes.

You can access the new statistics by clicking on "counter statistics new" in the control panel, you can still access your other statistics in statistics ADV (if you notice I have moved them so you can access them easier), both sets of statistics will be improved to give users unparalleled variety within their accounts, additional news is that I will soon be moving all accounts to a faster server, this means whilst this move is in process your counter will be out of action for 1 to a maximum of 2 days, this is to allow enough time for the new DNS to resolve.

This new move will make a huge difference to the counter and get your accounts ready to facilitate extra services I have planned over the next 6 months and beyond so get ready for some really powerful features, the price for registration will remain the same, (other than standard world inflation amounts), Why? why not as you know most other services charge this amount per month if not more, you gain by me being a single programmer and unlike lot's of other sites who buy in their software to offer a service, this baby is my own and will continue to become extremely powerful.


Wednesday, 09 July 2003
It's all going on???
Introducing the HTML Globel Encryptor!! This is a new addition to Globels Webmaster Tools where you have no need to worry about right clicks anymore, you can actually encrypt the source code so others cannot read it but their browser will?

I have just registered so it may not work for a while, this will be the location of all the help files on this subject and future projects regarding encryption.

Even better? It's also free if you have a globel account and if you have paid it's included in your registration of Globel itself!!

Present Limitations
1. If you have a free account you can encrypt up to 1'000 characters, this may increase in the future although it could decrease as well.
2. If you have a paid globel account you can encrypt up to 10'000 characters again this may increase in the future.

What does it do?
It encrypts your source code on your web page itself, you paste your whole or even part of your source code into the Encryptor press encrypt and it presents you with a piece of encrypted data to paste into the source of your document, it will display exactly the same as if it was HTML the only difference is when a user right clicks your page all they will see is gobble de gook, encrypts Java Too! There is also a facility to encrypt plain text for protecting emails; this is not a total encryption solution "that is to come" however this is more of a deterrent to any possible criminal activity, and it really works.

How do I get it?
1. Log on to your Globel account!
2. Click Add service!
3. Click Add Encryptor Option!
That's it, just use it and enjoy!

As usual there are no FAQ or help files on this yet as it's hot off the press but they are on the way, if you have any questions regarding this new tool please feel free to ask, and as usual look forward to your comments.


Saturday, 21 June 2003
All Paid Up Registered users can now use Globels mail list facility…

1. You can now have a little form on your site to collect customers that want to join your mail list or newsletter, this is supplied in HTML form or just create a link to your subscribe form on the globel site!!
2. At the moment whilst the new feature is under intense scrutiny and testing a maximum of 500 email addresses can be collected using this new feature.
3. When a user joins your list you can prepare an automatic welcome message that is sent to your subscriber on joining your list, this is an optional feature but if switched on you can also prepare a goodbye message should the user leave, in addition to this in the welcome email you can switch on a deletion string that the user can use as courtesy to leave your list.
4. You can construct your own thank you pages and error pages as the new list allows you to seamlessly collect information at globel and re-direct to anywhere on the internet.
5. At the moment collection of email address is given to you in a list form ready for you to cut and paste into your favourite mailer program.

Other features to come are:
1. Individual deletion of subscribed users
2. A mailer program to manage your lists.

This new globel list feature will only be available to registered users, although the Globel mailer will be available Free at selected sites.

At the moment there are no FAQ available on the subject but as always contact me if you have a problem! This particular interface has been made very simple to use and if you are used to the globel control panel should find this particular new part of Globel a Snip!

Thank you all for your constant input I am busy building the mailer at present but will be switching back to the counter shortly to improve this more!

To get your mail list installed do the following:
1. Log on to your Globel Account. In the control panel Click "Add Service"

2. Check on this page that it says, "This Globel Account is REGISTERED" If it does say this then you should have a new link that say's "Install Mailing List" Click this if you want to install this feature!!

That's it!! A new menu item will appear in your control panel on the left hand side!! Enter this to set your new mailing list up. To add new users to your list just add their email address with a password, if account notification is set up they will receive a automated email message that you wrote.

If you have paid for an account and your control panel say's anything else than registered LOOK HERE to find out what to do!

Have a good one and any problems.......... mail me ;~)


Monday, 09 June 2003
Important to all paid users! There are a lot of changes going on in the background, steady and progressive implementation of these are required the first stage is to ensure everyone is up to speed!

Within your control panel you have a facility called "Add Service" if you are a paid user could you please check that on this page it reads "This Globel Account is REGISTERED" if it does not read this simple message please send me an email with your account number "10000?????" whatever the? May be, please include your username and the registration email address.

I will then update your account if it reads anything else! I seem to have been diversifying into several areas of Globel over the past eight weeks, small improvements have been going on all the time during this period, small tweak here and there etc. all modifications are a step forward but I think it's all going to come all at once; this time around.

Like the new forms service, this is well and truly underway; and the first part of this you should see implemented by the end of this week, we need to ensure that all panels are updated with the message above, this in particular has been updated to accept several services to your accounts and must read this particular message before any new additions can be installed.

The first part of the forms service is a mailing list program; this mailing list is quite different initially it will allow up to a 500 to be listed on your mailing list and for you to be able to post to all of your users within minutes, this is to ensure the program does not consume huge amounts of bandwidth however if your requirements are past 500 emails in one hit please do inform me.

It should be mentioned at this point I do not support Spam; the new system is designed to collect email address for you 24/7 for individuals that want to join your list and to post to those individuals your newsletters with minimal fuss, if anyone is reported abusing this facility I shall have no alternative other than to suspend their account, this particular service is designed as an aid, not a hindrance.

More on this when we get to its release.
At this point please make sure your account is ready


Sunday, 27 April 2003 2:56 AM
The Globel Forms are coming!!
All past upgrades seem to have taken quite well and there have not been any problems so far. This news is mainly to do with the new forms system that will be introduced to Globel (fingers And Legs crossed) in the next few weeks.

It's really, really powerful me dears I have built in loads of functionality and in the usual Globel styli it's as versatile as the counter itself there are a few drawbacks though I bet you were waiting for the big BUT.

Only registered users will be able to use the facility and those that are registered it is all included in this registration, the reasons behind this are quite simple registered users are more less likely to abuse the new forms service and handing power of functionality opens up all sorts of likelihood of abuse, there are no extra fee's involved and I am leaving that part pretty open for now as I do not see any problems but like the counter I reserve judgment until out in the field.

For this part another new bit of news is the counter service will now become part of Globel as well as the New Forms System, like for like they are comparable in facilities and capabilities they will shortly be combined into the Globel Service as Total, I have had to put on hold a few other projects that were underway and for this part $5.45 is the registration fee for the whole year and this will be shortly known as payment for the Globel Service which includes the counter and the new Forms System when it is released, the amount of use of each part of the system is reserved until tested high usage users may have to pay an additional fee a bit like the "amount of hits ratio" but this will be suspended until well tested into the future and may never come to fruition.

This is another bit I have enjoyed building (I am really having fun here!!) The New Forms system is quite different and assure you it's been well worth waiting for and again satisfies quite a few users requests in the past, I do apologize for the wait but at the moment I am testing it and there is quite a lot of work involved in both building and testing and to be honest cannot wait to release it but as they say patience is a virtue? oh hum.... I was actually hoping to release this new part before Globel's birthday on the 24th of march 2003 she/he was 1 year old and my haven't we learned a lot in that time I am looking forward to the next year and am happy that you are with me a BIG Thankyou to all my users for supporting Globel in the first year of his/her life.

Oh; Yes. Another bit of news is I will be upgrading the server again soon and allocating a second server to Globel, this is likely to happen in the next couple of months but will notify you when all this takes place, this will facilitate the new free counter service and separate paid users and trial accounts on to a very powerful 2nd machine, but more on this then.

For now I bid you all adieu.


Saturday, 29 March 2003
Hello everyone. Not much to report at this point although several significant changes have taken place in the background!!!

The interface colours have changed a little to make the pages a little easier to read although the statistics part will not be updated for at least couple of weeks, main thing is the background changes that affect the user database, these will not have much relevance yet and do affect your logging in to the system and most will not notice any difference, as you do log in these upgrades will take place in the background and if you do have a problem logging in as always contact me and I will put it right for you, although in saying that it has been tested and do not expect too many problems in this area.

I am expecting to introduce a forms system for users in the next few weeks, I am in the process of building it and provided all tests go to plan you will be able to have a forms system on your website, this is due to lot's of requests and I needed a rest from the counter for a little while anyway; until then I bid you adieu for now.


New Functions?
Sunday, 23 February 2003:
Well yet another improvement sorted with some new additions, this new set of amendments to the control panel should help new users no end to find their way around the control panel !!I think I am happy with this part now how about you lot ;~)

If you need a little brief information "as always" on the new menu design Look Here:
I think that's it now the new design should make navigating easier and will extend to the statistics and also allow me to continue developing the counter without fear of losing you along the way because it's very sectional and specific to an area of interest at any moment in time, the FAQ need's serious updating now but will do this along the way, as always any questions give me a call.

Site Title:
On this new update a new kiddie is here. And that's site title this is mainly for those who wanted to put counting since at the top of their counters but can be used as a counter title if you want or anything else for that matter, font/colour/size/words are all controllable in the wizard as ever.

Unique count:
Update to this allows you to now change the font/colour/size/words on your unique counter, I even have updated the fact you can change it's total that it starts at, I initially thought this was not a good idea but a lot of you have requested it and so be it, if you do change this total please only change it once as this is a truly unique count and will only serve to confuse if you keep changing it.

New counter. Delete counter. Get HTML etc.
Have all been separated into separate pages and functions, this helps new users but also allows those with multiple counters to do stuff in bulk, I.e. if you need to delete a load of counters all at once you now do not need to go in and out of pages. Just keep clicking and deleting till your hearts content, this also applies to getting you HTML code for your pages Etc.

***NEW** Inheritance Function:
This I built to make life easier also, now all you need to do is either build a template counter or make amendments to one counter in the wizard and then use inheritance to apply that design to other counters across your site, again with the keep clicking attitude, all you have to do is pick your source counter i.e. "template" and pick your destination counter "Target" the inheritance function will then apply changes from template to target "but not your count totals" n the next page it will then keep your template as the source "and show this only" and remove both the template and the counter you have just applied the changes to from the target list and ask you if you want to apply these changes to the next counter, so really it's just a case of keep clicking through your list to apply to all.

Wizard updated:
I have uncomplicated the wizard a bit more so now it's just a case of jumping to a specific section within it, the wizard will always demand a counter to work on now but once selected you can navigate the new Wizard Menu until your hearts content or select the "Next" Option to follow it's setup.

Please as always let me know if you have any problems on any of this as usual and I will assist:

Paul !

Change details?
Sunday, 09 February 2003
User change of details, yet another important background change to globel, you can now update your user details by simply entering the appropriate section in the control panel, this means that when you change your email address it's just a simple form to update your account, also when your satisfied I am not some sort of mailing organisation you can change your hotmail or yahoo email address for the real one ;~)

The FAQ has not been updated yet with the following changes this will happen as usual in due course, but the new panel is easier to find things so Should not need so much help!

A lot of the free services like hotmail or yahoo bounce back emails now and again or give a ominous user does not have an account notice! Although you probably do and although pretty innocent this can cause our robot to think this is yet another bogus account created by someone with nothing better to do with their time, and may delete your account, please be sure you can be contacted about our counter service and software this also helps to keep the database clean.

You will also notice changes in the format or layout of the control panel, this is to aid new users and to make life a little easier, when I first started building Globel I was more interested in the program itself so left this for a later stage, since spending a little time on navigation have improved the panel and have more changes to make to improve it even more, this is also in preparation for other services to be offered that will be all part of your registration, I am going to do a simple statistics version in may 2003 (maybe earlier) to help those with navigating the newly named "Advanced Statistics".

In this version the counters have been split up more as well so now you can have a unique count on one and not another, this minor upgrade is automatic and will occur on any counters made after this date, your old counters are not affected however until you make and delete a new counter the counter hit control will be unobtainable on your old counters, to get this working again just create and delete a counter!

The above is also in preparation for some new fangled gadgets to be added to the counter and also to improve it's efficiency, "MORE ON THIS LATER" but the new version will be a major upgrade and you may need to re-paste your code again, I think this should be the last time ever as with this upgrade I should have covered virtually all possibilities including WebTV users and the fact that java just does not work on their machines but the new upgrade ensures this by using an image element as well as java but as I said more on this later.

Please As Always......... Let me know what you think


Demo Mode?
Sunday, 26 January 2002
Question is why do we use more than one counter? Full site tracking has now been tested and is working correctly, I have installed a new demo mode to see what the statistics look like when fully in use HERE, additionally a new FAQ page HERE to try and explain the reasons for tracking more than one page, and how it can benefit you!!

I have been; as I advised you previously; doing a lot of cleaning up and doing stuff that did get left behind in my haste of building the rest of Globel, a few steps forward and three back at the moment, I am gathering my thoughts with the counter as well, I enjoyed last year this year is going to be even better I have lot's planned and as always will keep you informed.


Forgotten Details?
Monday, 30 December 2002
No problem!!! Another change to Globel itself, I have gone off the statistics and other parts of Globel for a little while whilst I concentrate and improve the Globel program itself, in the last few days I have added the much needed "I forgot my password" part to the program as I was finding increasingly users wanting to get their details again and taking up just a little of my time doing this, don't mean that precariously and I do not want to speak to all of you but I am on a "mission from god" as said by the blue's brothers....

It may be a good idea to just get your details anyway and print them out as they now contain your "Account Number" as well as Your "Account Transaction Code" these two are used in combination throughout the life of your account and are unique to your account with Globel Itself, on older accounts this information was not released even although it did exist, but now you can get it simply by getting Globel to resend your details, the primary key is your email address so this has been used to extract the information for you….

So now at any time you need your details Just ask Globel on the forms provided, this is a one shot 24 hour form to stop robots in their tracks "and others" exactly the same as the user registration form which I have also taken a little time out to improve, there is also lot's of other refinements needed within the program to get on the way to perfection so I am doing these also but "I will be back" shortly to improve the counter itself next on a few user wants and a few idea's I have for it myself.

And if I really get going, I may have one of my pleasant surprise's up my sleeve for all of you, it's not over yet, in fact I have really only just begun, so keep yew eye's peeled: ~O and thankyou once again to all of you for being part of Globels Journey.


Java, Screen, Daily Back Online!!!
Monday, 23 December 2002 3:49 AM
Some more good news as well as a merry Christmas to all my users, as well as the referral information now I have added back all the java and screen resolutions and also daily statistics into the new layout….

To access the all counters hits statistics all you need to do is click on the link from the summary page in the general information area, it's opposite the: "Hits All Pages And Counters For Period" area!!! I will be adding graphs to the daily statistics in the New Year as well as the search keyword information and search engine statistics, I will be removing the hourly and weekday stats off of the summary page's as well as this information is repeated now in your all hits statistics

The reasons for this is quite simple, I am going to extend the summary page during the early part of next year and additionally this page now has been allocated for users with lot's of counters across their site, the system is capable of handling thousands of counters on one site, however to list all their independent information in the statistics has had to change a few things, including and dependant on the amount of counters maybe a next 100 page sort of listing utility, but for now I need to come off the statistics for a while.

There are several background improvements that need to be done as more users join and I am thinking of switching back to the counter itself again as there are some improvements here and additions I am thinking of adding.

Please as always let me know what you think so far and if you would like any other features included…

All the best

Thursday, 12 December 2002
Counter Referral information installed:
Good news the counter referral information is now working in your statistics, this new part of the statistics lists all WebPage referrers if available including your referrals to your own WebPages, you can find it on the red arrow under:
"All Referrers To Your Website's This Month"
In your main summary of whichever month you are viewing at the time…

At the moment this will list every single referrer to your WebPage, this section will be refined in the new year to include a search facility to find a particular referrer and/or counter; additionally there will be a new set up section within your counter to allow you to exclude certain sites from your search i.e. "your own site", this is being built mainly for those with more than a few hundred referrers to their pages as it's a laborious job scrolling through thousands of referrers; especially if there is a lot of cross referencing going on within your site, i.e. one counter on one page within your site will pick up another referring page within your site creating another referring page in your list, the refinement parts of the listing facility will give you the capability to remove or include your site as you so wish……

Over this weekend I hope to add back the all counter statistics to the new design including your java and screen information, this section has become slightly more complex for future development plans, but it reads easier like your new statistics do, anyway the proof is in the pudding so I will wait for your comments on all of this….


Sunday, 24 November 2002 4:51:58 PM
Counter statistics upgraded:
Well after a long wait and several headaches along the way, outages and god knows what else… today I have initiated the first part of the new statistics across all accounts, this is version three and I don't really want to change this part again so let me have your opinions, you will notice it's very different and welcome your comments as this part has been designed around your input and a few of my own ideas…

I say first part because it need's to bed itself into the system first I will be adding the associated links and java stuff back after 7 days, plus a few extras, provided please no problems…

You have not lost anything a lot of thought has gone into the basic structure of the new statistics and now incorporates all your counter names as well, the counter locations will be BACK, but these now will be specific to a counter itself, so each lead off of your main counter will have it's own unique set of locations….

Also the referral information can now be released, I will just let you all get used to the new style first, please let me know if you like…


Important News Friday, 11 October 2002 4:01 PM GMT
START OF CHANGE: Changes to Globel and log on procedure "with immediate effect": Because of the rapid growth of Globel and Counter Accounts I have had to implement several changes to the way the database is built to cope with millions instead of thousands and still be as efficient as it is now, you may have noticed I have closed the doors to globel as in new users for a few weeks whilst I make all these changes, in the next 5 hours I will be changing over to a new database design with the optimistic hope that you; my user will experience no difference to the way you log on, however if you do get a problem logging into your account please do tell me, this change effects nothing else on your counter at this time this upgrade is in the background and is major and you will not be able to log in for 5-7 hours from the above time whilst I rebuild the database and make these changes I apologise for any inconvenience, if this period has elapsed and you still cannot log in please let me know……


Tuesday, 06 August 2002
Upgrade completed…. As forewarned the new upgrade to globel has been completed this marks quite an improvement to our counter and I hope you like what I have done.

through everyone's constant feedback and suggestions it has enabled me to form new ideas and/or remedies to improve the globel counter even more, so keep emm coming if you have seen something somewhere else that you would like as part of this counter or have a new idea that can improve it please do tell me (this has to be a general idea and not something that is copyrighted or special or unique to another company i.e. like our wizard idea); I can then think out a way of including it or making something better, most idea's within the counter are original like the globel wizard but in most cases any suggestions you put forward are either included as part of another idea or totally different or better than the original just by looking at it a different way, and most of all thankyou I think we make a good team.

This new upgrade enables you to add new counters on the fly but obviously if you delete a counter you will loose all count totals on that particular counter, however your statistics do not change any hits recorded by a particular counter are kept forever even although that counter has long since been deleted, each counter can have a separate count number and can have a completely different look even although it is on the same account but… you cannot select the hit monitor or separate lengths of digits on each counter these are general at the moment and if you want it on one you must have them across all counters, "AT THE MOMENT" let's see this upgrade settle in first and that will be an option for the future.

It goes without saying that there are none or very limited FAQ's or help files on this part of the counter yet the counter is evolving at a tremendous rate and some parts of the counter are still being improved as you are reading this so for this please be patient new users will not need to worry about any of this at all as the new counter is automatically installed with the latest edition…

When you log on now you will not be able to do anything else but upgrade if you are an existing user at this point, so for now best of luck and please enjoy this fruitful new addition to the counter… As always any problems let me know, and be real careful when deleting your counters…


Monday, 29 July 2002-12:57 AM:
Warning Please Read: in the next 24 to 72 hours there is another important upgrade to the counter and due to all counters across the site, this is a blanket upgrade and cannot be bypassed in any way; so this is an advanced warning to existing users you will not be able to gain access to anything until this particular upgrade is completed on your account…

After the new part of the program is implemented hopefully after testing within the above time; when you try you access your account "for counters only" you will be faced with a screen to upgrade your account, to go any further you must upgrade first as several parts of the counter manager has been changed and will not work on the old counter…

There now is a counter editor in addition to the wizard, the editor essentially adds extra counters to the same account you can now add/edit and delete the counters on your account, and this means you can add extra counters to your account put them on separate pages with different running totals on each page but will still be centralized in your statistics, there is a maximum of 3 counters for FREE accounts at the moment...

This is quite a significant and exiting change to the counter as well as a turning point, the initial obvious advantages of this upgrade are as above, but; for an example, in the statistics engine before the counter would tell the program where it was on the Internet, several of you were using more than one copy of the counter and even although the location was given there is a vagueness to which page the counter was rooted from, now because each counter has it's own identification it will give it's identified name and root as well as it's location on the Internet so there is no mistake which counter and which page we are talking about as re translation.

There are absolutely limitless advantages to this and all may not become apparent immediately but will over time and is part of this counters evolvement to become absolutely without doubt accurate to the last digit. On top of all this I have been monitoring all accounts across the site and several bug issues have been resolved in the new version not to mention the cookie area as this counter is used on so many different platforms so overall this upgrade is very important.

If you have any concerns before you upgrade LOOK HERE and if you are still concerned in any way don't hesitate to contact me before you upgrade…

What this upgrade does:
It takes your old counter and it's total and converts it into a named counter with the same total, also upgrades the counter program and associated files, it does not touch your statistics and runs as before with these:

V3 version accounts will not need to do anything else not even re paste the code after upgrade the setup will take all your default settings even from the wizard and apply them to the new counter. But would be a wise precaution to note down the counters number just in case something does go wrong.

V2 version or older counters will need to re-paste the code, but some V2 accounts may not need to do anything else as the wizard settings will be replicated however this was about the time when the new wizard was implemented, if your account does not have any default settings which it did not in older accounts you will need to use the wizard again, additionally like above you must take your counters number down just in case…

How do I tell which version I have?
By simply looking at your pasting code on your WebPage if within those lines it has the word.

1. " Countcode.txt " this is an old account and will need all the extra work to the wizard editor and settings and re pasting….

2. " XBcountcodeV2.txt " this is a V2 account and will require re pasting but may or may not require further setup this depends when the account was created as configuration files started around this time.

3. " TXTcountcodeV3.js " this is the latest account in the last 2 months and is V3 this account will require little or no extra work form you. You will not even have to re paste the code "as promised" but if you create extra counters you will need to paste these as each one has it's own unique identification set by again yourself.

But in all cases of the above check your code ON YOUR WebPage and TAKE NOTES just in case.

Please remember that every care has been taken in the production of this counter and it's upgrades, we additionally back up all your data on the server as an extra precaution should something go wrong but ultimately cannot accept responsibility for a situation if it does go bad so please take all the precautions you can your end before you do anything major like this and with information you collect and the information we have stored we should be able to re establish your account should the worst scenario happen…

As soon as this upgrade is completed no single user will be allowed to have more than one FREE account with us, there ARE exceptions to this rule i.e. if you are a web developer and have several clients that wish to use the counter then this is still OK but please tell us what you are doing, if you have several accounts now you will need to delete them and keep one, in this situation you must contact us and tell us about it, if a user is found using more than one account for the counter for no apparent reason all accounts will be deleted for that user with no notice whatsoever so please contact us and tell us what you are doing…..

The reasons for the above deletion process of accounts with excess use is because we are trying to keep everything in one place, there are several important changes around the corner that are designed to benefit our users and future updates will get confused if there is more than one user per one account scenario, so please don't do it; additionally it is unfair on others to take advantage of a good system like this….


Wednesday, 19 June 2002:
Well upgrade completed, if you installed your account after: Wednesday, 19 June 2002 at 8:09 AM some of the following will not be relevant to you as all new accounts created after this time will receive the new counter…

If you have one of our original accounts before V3 as soon as you log on to the wizard or try to get your HTML code the wizard will want to upgrade and ask you first.

If you have a V3 account the wizard will automatically upgrade your account whilst using it in either case it will need to upgrade….

In order to benefit from the wizard and its new functions any account prior to the above date will need to re-paste the HTML code, this one I was not expecting and I know I said you will not have to do it again and sorry but the wizard now makes extensive use of cookies and your counter has had a really serious upgrade, the HTML calling code now includes machine preparation calls to ask your users computer if it wants cookies or not and if your users do not like cookies then the code will stop sending them, this is good netcitizen stuff so it's a good idea to think about it your counter will still work if you cannot be bothered to re-paste the code but I recommend you do to benefit from the use of cookies as they will track the user right through your site…..

You can now stop your machine from being counted as well so every time you visit the site you will not register a hit on your account, as well as the new visitor monitor which monitors who's on your site in real time, there has been some major changes to the counter some you will not see yet for example the code now registers which search engine has sent you this hit and what search keywords they have used to find you this will all come into effect and is in preparation for the new statistics being built which has seriously been put behind because of these updates.

I am expecting this to take another two weeks allowing for any reports of problems or bugs that may rear their ugly heads for the statistics to come into full play and hopefully if everything goes well and is as rock solid as the original counter (ton's of tests done) we will be looking at something that is very closely becoming second to none on the Internet at present and that is what I am aiming for ("well we can all dream can't we"), to all my original users thank you for sticking with me and hope you have enjoyed watching the counter change quite rapid over the past 2 months I am still on the case and have quite a bit more to do towards perfection or as near as I can get it…

There are just ton's of features and benefits to come and will be listed in the FAQ in due course… Paul

Thursday, 13 June 2002:
Hello again or if you're a new user Hi….
I've been busy that's why I have been quite if your wondering building the statistics up to something we can chat about but whilst I was doing that I got distracted because I needed to make changes to the counter for the tracking device, the new version now sends and retrieves cookies from your users, whilst this was all going on I thought I would build a ("on site monitor") "because I can" into the counter…

I think it's a useful little feature and looks cool as part of the counter, I have to do a few other things to implement it, i.e. changes to the wizard to switch it on or off for those who do not want it but I am hoping if testing goes well it should be available in the next few days if your interested…

As for the statistics; well I have been going round in circles trying to find an end to the features I am building but as yet have not so please be patient I think they should be well worth the wait…..

See ya Paul

Friday, 24 May 2002:
The new Globel colour wizard is coming along really nicely and thanks to all our users has far exceeded our expectations... and has been delayed due to many of your questions, this new version will literally give you the facility to have thousands if not millions of different looking counters at your disposal that will undoubtedly blend in and fit virtually every WebPage design on the Internet just by the simple and effective use of colours with the added Bonus now of font colours, the features are really too numerous to mention here at the moment but it's well worth the wait, the step by step wizard makes it a breeze and builds the counter in real time as simple or as diverse as your imagination…

The ideas we have had for this still go past our even now new version, but you have to stop somewhere.... so we have added the facility in this version 3 to never have to paste your code again… that's right; once you put the new code of version three into your WebPage you will never have to do it again total control will be here at your Globel control panel so you can change the look of your counter every day if you want to without even touching your web page and your new design will dynamically happen within seconds of telling the wizard to build, additionally later on in the year we will introduce textures and dynamic Gif set construction so we are not finished yet but we must at the moment move on to another important area which is….Stats!!!!

As promised very soon we will be switching to the global statistics and improving these, we are using this time to take all your inquiries (and every single user inquiry is taken seriously and amazingly enough replied to) to improve our service, remove any problems and maximize it's efficiency if you have a problem or do not find our service adequate for your needs please tell us about it we need your criticism to improve our service.

A big Thankyou to all our users so far and to all our new ones welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay with us…


Friday, 17 May 2002:
I have visited some of your sites with the counters on and must say I am impressed, most of you are using the Globel wizard as intended and producing some exceptionally different and impressive looking counters in keeping with the style of your site, I shall later this month when I get time be providing links to those sites that have used their creativity well so newcomers can see what can be done with a little imagination, well done you lot :-)…

If you wish to put yourself down for one of these links please submit your URL and Username, this should provide you with quite a few visitors as well as this site at the time of writing receives in excess of 100 hits a day, I am reserving ten spaces for this at the moment so be quick and put your name down its cheap advertising…

Well nearly ready to go back to the statistics part of this program, BUT FIRST I am upgrading again to the brand new wizard, thanks to all those with patience and sticking with us during the counters evolvement I think you will find it's worth it, this new upgrade which I am estimating about 7 days will really make this counter so configurable it is amazing with the wizard already a first in this area i.e. No Other Counter Service Offers YOU This, the new text version will be released with your Globel Wizard in the sky and offer so many variations that truly are uncountable in fact only limited by your imagination, this major upgrade again is truly unique and is as intended is starting to set us apart from the rest as a few of our users have said, you will be able to of course stick with your old one if you want, if you upgrade you still will not loose any previous information i.e. stats…

It's taken me around four to five weeks to come to this point now, my determination is unscathed, so just imagine what we can do in another month or so, there's still something being cooked in the frying pan, and the stats well we will see I will not make too many promises yet, the databases are accumulating the information I need from all your sites so when the stats program is completely finished, you will have as much information as you can possibly get from any statistics site…


Tuesday, 14 May 2002:

Hello again, well asides the good news on the colour wizard being completed before time, and does not seem to have had any problems so far, I wish to welcome on board all the new users and give the good news of a rise in the page views has been agreed, for a trial period to really see how it goes the page view restriction has been increased to 25 and may stay depending on how users use this facility, so now you can view your statistics more in any one month, the reasons for this is most users have been sensible with allocated recourses; when I first built this I did not know what to expect and to be honest was a bit wary in this area, but it seems that there is no problem at all with the way users are using their accounts, the worst thing that could happen here is users using all recourses on page views and slowing down everyone else, we have heaps of bandwidth but the users have been coming in thick and fast, and so far so good :-)…


Sunday, 05 May 2002:
Yes and I work on Sundays as well… crikey you lot are keeping me busy I may take a hour off if that's all right with you so I can have a bath or something…anyway; some more statistics have been added to Globel and you can view them as they stand at the moment from the example left…
if you have an account you can view your own stuff in real time from your website, a few have asked for graphs but that may be a while yet thought I would get the meat and vegetables over with first… pretty graphs come later even then there may be costs attached because of yes you guessed it "bandwidth" that images consume being transferred to your machine….

As you can see by the example a lot more stats i.e.…

1. Overall count total for the counter regardless what you set it at…
2. Total amount of hits for the month…
3. Total of unique hits for the month …
4. Total amount of reloads from same users…
5. Screen colours depth...
6. Screen or monitor size…
7. Java enabled…
8. Now all databases are backed up every night…

And there is still more to come so as always stay tuned…. please be sure to read the bit about page views on that page


Thursday, 02 May 2002:
hello now your counter statistics are available from your control panel, please be sure to read the bit about page views on that page, the stats will improve over the next few weeks at the moment you can only get a:

  • Overall count total for the counter regardless what you set it at…
  • Total amount of hits for the month…
  • Total of unique hits for the month …

This will extend to include lots of other stats including entry page and type of operating system your users are using etc. etc. so stay tuned……. Paul

Wednesday, 01 May 2002:
Apologies for being off-line for just over an hour today 7.45am to 9.10am but now the database is linked into all your counters and any new ones created, and although you will not be able to access your statistics yet the system is now collecting the information for you…

Statistics should be another few days, however I am testing at the moment so we will say 7 days for now in case of any bugs but all being well it should be sooner:

Thankyou for all your applications and new counter accounts and all your emails so far and hope you are all pleased with the results…

As always any bugs or problems with your counters please do not hesitate to contact me….


Tuesday, 30 April 2002:
hello again, well even more counters gone out and very few reports of bugs in fact none at all?

So I can only assume everything's ok and you are happy with your counters so far, I am in the process of building the statistics part of the program as a few of you prefer this over the look and feel of the counter, I do not expect any problems with this and have just designed the databases to store the counter information I estimate about seven days till completion we will see after tests…

I also have noticed a few of you using yahoo and hotmail addresses, even although you have verified Internet addresses? I do not understand the logic behind this but every so often you will receive a system check on your e-mail and if this e-mail is not responded to within a certain time your counter will be deleted regardless, this is for security reasons for rouge counters and obviously we like to contact you regarding other services from us that you may be interested in! This is part and parcel of us providing this free service which really is not unfair if you really think about it, the counter as such is only the beginning and believe some future software that we are developing will be of extreme interest to quite a few of you, so please ensure you use this e-mail address and is not one just generated to use this service.....

One such service is our new search engine which to be honest is quite different to quite a few others, in fact unique in some respects, you will be able to add your URL on several cross linked pages to intensify listing and give your site a better chance of being seen, anyway that's what I have been up to these last few weeks and is still being developed at this moment so hopefully we can help you even more to promote your site :-) Thanks.

Saturday, 13 April 2002
as you can probably see I've now added a few FAQ's, I will go quite for a couple of weeks now, as I am wrapped up building a search engine, counters appear to be working ok on your site's, Gotta give it a bit of time for any bugs to rear their ugly heads, so I can move on to the next phase and that is control over the look and feel of the counter from your control panel and/or the statistic generation, let me know which one you would prefer first I'm not fussy they have both got to be done, and of course let me know of any problems or gripes you have :-).

One question keeps getting raised on why so much code for my html page, answer: I love code::no really this code is in preparation for the statistics I am pretty sure I have thought of everything but you never know :~) when I get back depending what I start first you should see what I mean…
See you soon

Saturday, 06 April 2002:
Well Thankyou for all your comments so far, the big one has been and will be introduced to the FAQ, but this is to answer one now as it is a biggie or seems to be:

Why is the
control panel so complicated?
why can you not just add the service automatically?

I hope this answers your question….

I honestly did not think the control panel was complicated; and you can add the service automatically, it is just not done for you when you sign up thats all, you log on to your control panel and simply add the service where you can also get the html code for your page, it's all about saving system resources actually and part of making your counter fast, each new member is allocated their own individual counter this includes the programming behind your counter as well, so every time your page accesses the counter it will be only your page accessing that part of the program and therefore no wait time for others to finish, it is part of a child process as well but that's going beyond layman's terms for this page.

I would welcome more comments on this but here follows my reasoning, The control panel is designed to include several services, not all these services may be required by a particular user at any one time, the intention is to allow one free service per customer and provide it fast, eventually every user will have several options or services to choose from and at this time it is not possible to make all these services free so they can pick what they want on their control panel. Additionally the system forks into several parts so it makes my job easy when adding extra services and also is kinder to system recourses, however if you have an idea to improve this please let me know as I am all for making this a worthwhile experience for you and ultimately improving the site. I hope this answers your question on this for now, and please do keep them coming in they are truly valued as your custom is, we seek only to make this system better and with your input contributes to making all our lives easier thank you. Paul

Thursday, 04 April 2002:

Well that's the counter installed, this is still a new site and Thanks to all those who have got their new counters :-), there's lot's more to come including a FAQ page based on all your questions so far, if your new welcome and enjoy this new service, the key word is fast here, and the code for the counter has been optimized for speed I would be very surprised if your page hangs whilst waiting for the counter graphic to reach your page which unfortunately seems to be the case with a lot of our competitors.

Anyway; for now I will be busy working in the background making this counter better and improving any bugs if any from your emails additionally adding the stat's, there is only one drastic change that will take place in the near future, at the moment anyone can copy the code from your page on the Internet and use your counter in fact this is so of most counters, when I install the security referrer part of the program it could cause your counter to freeze, all you need to do is come back and log on to your control panel and tell the program which page you wish it to monitor you will not loose any counting data so far…. Paul

Sunday, 24 March 2002

Well if you found this page the links are starting to work, although I have other sites I do have expectations of this one especially with my accumulated knowledge, and btw welcome to Globel, and sorry I need to introduce myself, my name is Paul and amongst other things I am a programmer, I have built several graphically pleasing sites but this one is going to stay plain and simple. Over the next few months you will see this site change, and include a lot of functionality rather than looks, I have just built the username and password parts of this program because that's what it is Globel is a program and next is the free hit counter for your web pages.

There are a lot of ideas for this site, and I hope you spend time coming back now and then, I think you will be pleased with the result, I certainly hope I am, it certainly will not lack determination on my part. Anyway, like most of us I personally hate pages that go on and on about nothing really, so I will stop for now, but before I do this site is intended as a centralising site for all the others, it will be a control panel for my customers as well as offering free services for netcitizens, if you are interested in free services at all it would be a good idea to bookmark this page, if you want register an account now although you will not be able to use it yet, you will have a wider choice of username and nickname before yours is taken, btw PaulGee is reserved for me so don't take it I will only have to delete it.

So that's it for this news bulletin, stay tuned and pick a name if you are reading this not long from the date above you are one of the first newcomers to this new site…

Please excuse the rushed nature of this text I am just blasting out enough information for you to know generally what this page is about, I will write in a calmer nature when things are progressing at my speed, spose I need to catch up with myself first….




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